Resume Tips

Before you send your resumé to a recruiter or directly to a company, please consider a few of these tips: 
  • Always, Always, Always check for punctuation and spelling errors.  I see so many resumes with simple punctuation errors.  At least do a spell check first.
  • Be consistent with formatting.  Example – if your “Education” line is bold and underlined, all similar headings should be bold and underline.  Go back through your resume and check for consistency.
  • Don’t put “Page 1 of 4” or other similar indicators into the body of a Word Document at the bottom of the page.  It may look fine on your version, but with the variety of software out there, many times the “Page 1 of 4” will be three lines in on page 2.  Even if it’s a computer error, it doesn’t look professional.  If you insist on putting page indicators, use the Footer feature in MS Word.
  • Another formatting note – be careful not to use too many odd formatting tools in Word.  Text boxes, Word Art, Graphics, Columns, etc… many times don’t look the same when someone else opens them on their computer (many times they don’t look professional regardless).  Keep it simple and neat.
  • Be consistent with verb tense.  If you are explaining responsibilities for your current job, use present tense (“Responsible for designing high voltage substations”).  If it’s your past job, use past tense (“Reduceed costs by implementing new product tracking system”) or (“Responsibilities included designing high voltage substations).
  • Spare all of us with generic terms that simply take up space
    • We’re all “Team Players”
    • We all “Work with Integrity”
    • I sure hope your “Highly Professional”
  • Get to the point effectively and efficiently with your words. 
  • Results, Results, Results – While it is vital to explain what your responsibilities are, what you actually did is just as, if not more important to Hiring Managers.  Example – don’t just say you have spent 1000 hours on AutoCAD, bullet point the actual projects completed and show how the effect of your work.